October 15, 2012

All you can do when waiting on a submission is write another story and send it out.

This has become my policy. Instead of chomping at the bit for months (and months) waiting on one story, I’ve been trying to get as many out there as possible. Shrink the wait.

Then, fueled by rejection letters (no, I don’t burn them, I read them, learn from them, save them in a special file), I get back to it.

Today, however, I know that a decision has been made on my story. It was shortlisted and their Facebook page says they’ve made their choices. Now I count the days/hours/minutes/seconds for them to let me know my fate. How many times in a day can I refresh my email?

UPDATE: Another one for my ‘rejection’ email file. Can’t wait to send this one back out!

UPDATE: Same story got a personal rejection letter from John Joseph Adams. Best rejection to date.


No News

October 3, 2012

Is no news good news?