Accepted II

December 25, 2012

I’ve just received my second acceptance.

So psyched.

I never intended to write a zombie story. Didn’t think I had anything to add, except that I find zombies kind of sad … until I read something on Open Call about zombies in history, the editor was specifically looking for zombies BC.

The story came to me in its entirety. It flowed so easily. And it was something the editor was looking for.

It was really interesting to talk with the editor on the phone. He requested some edits, and more words. I’d never expected to be asked for more words. I figured it would typically go the other way. I’m so thrilled to be engaged in this process. His suggestions and feedback were encouraging and inspiring.

I’ve been looking forward to getting to this point with a story, looking at it with someone who also wants to see it be its best and can give me an outside perspective. I’m learning so much.

And I’m so happy.

PS … I am never going to write a story about psychotic hill-folk. I guess the novel will be coming to me soon.


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