Taking the Leap

May 29, 2013

It’s time.

I’ve been struggling with my schedule, with finances, with my mental state. Life is giving me lemons and I’ve been letting them rot and chucking them in the compost.

So we are very reluctantly selling our house and moving to Costa Rica, where if I sell a short story it will feed us for two weeks, where I’ll have plenty of hours every day to focus on writing (not 3 hours a week), where I’m never cold, never lonely, don’t have TV—just the beach, the toucans, and all the coconut water I can drink, straight from my trees.

It’s time to see this writing thing through.

I have two more stories coming out and it has got me all jazzed. Many of my goals have been realized. I’ve got a mentor, and he’s wonderful. I’m going to the WHC in New Orleans and will meet so many people that I’ve been corresponding with. I’ve got a writing group that words beautifully for me. Now I just need to sit and write. That’s all.

It’s time.