November 4, 2013

We are over a month into building our new house in Costa Rica. There have been the usual issues. It’s been tough to get an internet account, but the process is well under way. The flow of construction materials hasn’t been totally smooth, but we’re well used to all that and taking it in stride.

Soon the house will be done and the first renters will come. Then my real reason for all this hassle and fuss will get going. I’ll be writing for at least four hours a day. I’ve been able to keep a writing schedule off and on over the past couple of years, but only for a month or two months, then life erupts and other things take over. But this time I won’t let that happen. This whole endeavor is designed around getting me at my desk and on to a routine. 

What better way to begin than by making a hugely important sale!!! The fourth story I ever wrote has sold! I sent it to Cemetery Dance Magazine about eight months ago when they had an open call. Time passed and I waited for the rejection letter I was sure would come. And it did. A form rejection that came as no surprise at all to me, after all, this is one of the top markets in the genre. Then a few hours later another email came with an apology for the glitch in their system and an acceptance! I cried fat happy tears and called my mom. 

I’m beyond thrilled about this sale. Soon I hope to be announcing another sale that has me sooo excited. When I think about it I get a tingling all over. It’s an amazing one that I’m honored to be a part of. I know. Brutal tease. Sorry. 

So with all this time that I’m going to spend writing, I can really only manage one blog…and this one’s it. I have another old blog festering out there in the inter-world…if anyone wants to have a look back at our previous struggles with building in sunny Costa Rica it’s at eanddincr.wordpress.com

Off now to do some more writing and compulsive email checking. Got a story on the short list that I can’t wait to hear about. More soon…