So Many Updates…

May 25, 2014

It’s been quite a while since I posted. Things to catch up on:

1. New stories coming out.

2. By-line changes.

3. World Horror Convention 2014 in Portland, Oregon!

4. The Mary Shelley Scholarship from the HWA!!!


First: New Stories Coming Out

So far this year I have 3, maybe 4 stories that will be published.

The first is “The Claim”, which will appear in A Darke Phantastique from editor Jason V Brock and Cycatrix Press. I’m delighted to be included in this anthology. Many of my favorites are in here too: Gene O’Neill, Gary A. Braunbeck, Lucy Snyder, Ray Garton, William F. Nolan, Dennis Etchison…it’s an amazing lineup. But the olive in the vodka for me is the introduction by the great Ray Bradbury. I’m serious. A never-before-published essay by Mr. Bradbury. It’s going to be a gorgeous book.

My most recent acceptance is for the scifi/horror anthology Qualia Nous. Michael Bailey and Written Backwards are putting together another amazing book (Chiral Mad 2 came out in December with my story “Versions” huddled in amongst some great chiral-y yarns). I wrote “Night Guard” with this anthology in mind. It is the most ‘horrible’ story I’ve written so far. And for the third time I’ll be in the same table of contents as Gene, Gary, and Lucy.

Then I’m not sure which will come out next. [Nameless] Digest with my story, which is either titled “The Garden” or “The Space Between”, or Cemetery Dance Magazine with the third story I ever wrote, “Seed”.

Jason Brock pulls together some amazing talent and publishes some of the highest quality books on the market. I’m so thrilled to be in two of his upcoming releases.

And Cemetery Dance. Come on. I thought I’d be chasing that market for years.

I’m thrilled and numb and can’t wait to share the next round of news. There is something on the horizon… just you wait.


And the By-line changes:

Yes, I’m going by Erinn L. Kemper now. No more hiding from The Man. No more pen names and being all shy. This is it. I’m writing what I am meant to be writing.

Thank you to Gene and John L. and Jason B. for kicking my butt and telling me what’s what.


I’ll write on the WHC and the scholarship update in short order!!! It’s Happy Hour here in the Jungle, dammit!


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