Time flies…

December 20, 2015

untitled.pngStarting the New Year’s resolution early.

Thrilled that my story set in Costa Rica, “Gramma Tells a Story” is in issue #49 of Black Static Magazine.

This is particularly exciting for me because the first ever rejection letter I received was from Andy Cox at Black Static. A lovely and very encouraging letter…and two years later I’m in!

Other new news in writing: Chiral Mad 3 is coming early 2016, with my story, “A Flash of Red”, alongside an amazing TOC of writings including Stephen King, Gene O’ Neill, Ramsey Campbell, Jack Ketchum and Gary A. Braunbeck.

Also, 2016 will see a story of mine published in Cemetery Dance Magazine, and possibly some more fun surprises!

I’ve finished the second draft of my first novel, “The Patrons.” Can’t wait to get it polished up and out to my beta readers. It was so much fun to write!

And now for some pretty pictures…

Check out this fantastic art for Chiral Mad 3 and Black Static!

untitled (15).png


3 Responses to “Time flies…”

  1. moteridgerider said

    I thoroughly enjoyed your story in Black Static, which is why I subscribed to your blog. Getting published in the magazine is a dream of mine as it contains so many class stories. It seems you’ve got a lot of amazing stuff in the pipeline. Wishing you every success in 2016.

    • eanddincr said

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Moteridgerider (Tom?). And here’s to realizing dreams! Black Static has been one of my favorite publications since I discovered it back when I started writing short stories.
      Would love to hear what you’ve got out there or coming up, too!
      Looks like I will have another story coming in Nameless Digest in 2016 as well, when they get back on their publishing schedule.

      • moteridgerider said

        Thanks for the reply, Erinn. I’m just completing a dark fantasy novel this week, but I also write short stories. I’ve posted a few on my blogsite http://tomghadams.uk in fact there’s a free download on there if you want to check them out. Best wishes, Tom.

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