Short Stories:

“Sanctuary” is at [Nameless] Magazine online (ed. Jason V. Brock).

“The Cost of Moving the Dead” is in the anthology Zombies: Shambling Through the Ages (ed. Steve Berman, Prime Books). August 2013.

“Given to the Sea” is in the anthology Handsome Devil (ed. Steve Berman, Prime Books). 2014.

“Huskies” has been published in the charity anthology Shifters (ed. Robert Helmbrecht, Hazardous Press). June 13, 2013.

“The Claim” appears in  A Darke Phatastique from Jason V Brock and Cycatrix Press. This story made the long list of recommended reads in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year Volume 7.

“Versions” is in the anthology Chiral Mad 2, Michael Bailey, ed. Written Backwards.

“The Garden” or “The Space Between” will appear in [Nameless] Digest from editor Jason V Brock and Cycatrix press.

“Night Guard” has been published in  Qualia Nous, the acclaimed scifi/horror anthology from Michael Bailey and Written Backwards.

“Symbiosis” has been published in Dark Discoveries Magazine #30, editor Aaron J. French.

“Phantom on the Ice” appears in The Library of the Dead from Michael Bailey and Written Backwards. This anthology won the the Bram Stoker Award in 2016.

“By the River She Waits” is in The Beauty of Death, edited by Alessandro Manetti. 2016.

“A Flash of Red” appears in the psychological horror anthology series Chiral Mad 3 from Michael Bailey. 2016.

“Gramma Tells a Story” appeared in issue #49 of Black Static Magazine, TTA Press, editor Andy Cox.

“A Glimpse Outside” will be published in Shadows Over Main Street Volume 2, from editors D. Alexander Ward and Doug Murano (coming in 2017).

“Gumi-Bear”, a dark science fiction story, You, Human, and anthology from Michael Bailey (and my second time sharing pages with Stephen King). 2016.

“Seed” issue 74/74 of Cemetery Dance Magazine, the Joe Hill special issue! Fall, 2016.

“A Laughing Matter”, a dark scifi story, will appear in Adam’s Ladder, from editors Darren Speagle and Michael Bailey. Published by Dark Regions Press.

“In Amelia’s Wake” will appear in an upcoming anthology with other stories of wonder. Details forthcoming!


More soon.


One Response to “Bibliography”

  1. Amy Bresser said

    Wow! This is amazing Erinn! I’m so excited about reading all of your stories! Great job!!

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